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Utah life insurance coverage

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Life Insurance in Utah

What will be the financial effect of your death to your family and loved ones?

While death is inevitable, its impact on the fiscal state of your dependents can be minimized significantly. At Mountain West Insurance Inc. in Sandy, UT, we provide life insurance coverage to protect our clients’ loved ones across Utah and over 12 other states.

Benefits of having life insurance

  • Life insurance guarantees the financial security of your family or loved ones after your death.
  • Life insurance benefits are tax-free, meaning the beneficiaries will receive the entire amount assured.
  • Long term life insurance policies can be used to secure investment loans.

Why you need a dedicated life insurance policy

Several companies offer life insurance to their employees. However, these policies have limitations which necessitate the need for a dedicated coverage. They include:

  • The coverage exists only as long as you stick with the employer.
  • The terms are not flexible since it is predetermined by the employer.
  • The assured amount might not be sufficient for all your needs.

Types of Life Insurance

At Mountain West Insurance, we have diversified our coverage to enhance suitability, flexibility, and affordability. We offer two primary life insurance policies but are not limited to:

Long term life insurance

  • It is an insurance plan covers you for the rest of your life. As a result, it is also known as permanent or whole life insurance. The value of this policy remains constant over the years. Besides, you can opt to pay for a limited number of years but stay covered for the rest of your life.

Term life insurance

  • With this policy, we cover you for a specified period. Your beneficiaries remain entitled to tax-free payment. Even more, you can customize your coverage to meet your present circumstance.
  • If you are in Utah, contact our coverage advisers or visit our Sandy, UT offices for guidance on choosing a policy that best suits your needs. Reach out to us for more answers to your questions.

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