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Health Insurance in Utah

At Mountain West Insurance Inc. in Sandy, UT, we offer you several health insurance options to cover several medical needs for you, your family, or employees. Some of the services covered by the health insurance are maternity care, mental health services, consultation visits to the doctor, lab tests, emergency care, and prescription coverage. Here are a few of the policies offered under health insurance.

Individual and Family Coverage

Get yourself and your loved ones covered against incidences of illness and injury. Individual and family insurance plans are private policies. This coverage will save you the costs incurred when you or a member of your family falls ill or gets injured accidentally. Your medical bills will be covered for both inpatient and outpatient cases helping you to pay for any operation or prescription drugs needed as well as consultation fees.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plan is similar to the individual and family plan. However, it mostly suits companies and business employers who seek to provide low-cost health care coverage to their workers. Workers can use this to get medical care for their families, also at reduced costs, saving them from the expense of purchasing private policy coverage.

Short Term

The short-term health insurance coverage offered at Mountain West Insurance Inc. is designed for those in need of short and temporary policies. Those in Utah and the surrounding states who can significantly benefit from this policy include individuals who have temporary jobs and have to move around constantly, and students who have reached the age of 26 and must find their own health insurance plans.

There are, of course, more policies and different types of coverage available under health insurance for citizens of Utah and the surrounding states. Our agents can work with you to choose the correct coverage and learn more about the health insurance laws surrounding your state. To start a new policy, visit or call Mountain West Insurance Inc. in Sandy, UT and get started on picking your coverage right away.

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