Are Firearms Included In the Home Insurance?

Americans own an estimated number of 270 million guns. The U.S is the leading country worldwide with guns per capita. However, if you are contemplating the idea of purchasing a firearm in South Jordan, UT, you may be curious to know the kind of insurance coverage available under the standard home insurance policy.

When looking at the type of coverage available, you need to consider both the liability and personal property perspective. The personal property perspective dictates the kind of compensation available if your firearm is stolen or destroyed while the liability perspective will cover you if someone is injured.


Legal and security experts warn that there are coverage limitations when it comes to firearms. For example, a South Jordan UT resident with extensive firearm collection may find that coverage against theft alone is not sufficient. Even the part of liability may not be adequate if it is covering areas involving gun accidents only.

However, to Mountain West Insurance Inc. covering firearms is a non-issue. We don’t view your guns any different from the rest of your personal property. Mountain West Insurance Inc. offers additional coverage for firearms at no extra cost at all.

 Personal Property

Our standard home insurance policy covers any firearms that you own as personal property with a sub-limit. Our firearm sub-limit is $2,500 which applies to loss by theft. If you aren’t satisfied with the sub-limit coverage, we still provide specific coverage which we offer separately or as an addition to your existing home insurance policy. We also offer stand-alone firearm policies that provide particular coverage tailored to meet your needs and protect your firearms.

Are you a licensed firearms owner? Are you looking for a comprehensive policy for your firearms? Talk to us today for further assistance.