Upgrading your Home for 2019? Don’t Forget to Upgrade your Home Insurance

Most homeowners make upgrades to their home from time to time to make it a more functional and pleasant environment in which to live. Many, however, fail to upgrade their home insurance to protect the improvements they’ve made. If you’re planning on remodeling your home in South Jordan, UT in the New Year, it’s important you talk to your Mountain West Insurance Inc. agent to see how your projects will affect your coverage. Here are a few ways in which home improvements can change insurance coverage or costs.

Increase Home Value

Major home upgrades such as a new roof, kitchen remodel or adding a bathroom or patio can substantially increase the value of your home. If you insured your home for a certain amount before remodeling, you’d need to update your insurance to cover these projects and the increase in home value. You don’t want to discover that you have insufficient dwelling coverage in the middle of a disaster.

Reduce Insurance Cost

Home improvements that increase your home’s energy efficiency or security could qualify you for discounts on your home insurance. These include installing a home security system, replacing old windows with energy efficient designs, adding insulation to roof or walls, or investing in smart technology. These improvements will also add value to your South Jordan, UT property.

If home renovations are in the picture for 2019, talk to an agent from Mountain West Insurance Inc. to see how these projects will affect your home insurance. We’ll review your policy with you and discuss upgrades that will improve your coverage. At the same time, we can add gifts or purchases you may have made last year to your personal belongings coverage. Upgrading your home insurance will ensure you are well protected against any eventuality.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Employee Injury?

Commercial policies cover a wide range of things that have to do directly with your business. These coverages are to make sure you keep your business working and even if something does happen, you are still able to keep your business afloat. For those in the in SLC or South Jordan, UT area, the agents with Mountain West Insurance Inc. can teach you all you need to know about your commercial coverage.

When it comes to commercial coverage, your policy is going to cover your building, your inventory, your patrons to a certain extent, and your employees. When it comes to employees, it does cover employee injury that is the result of an accident and not the negligence of the employer. This means that if someone that works for you falls while at work, your commercial policy may help to cover the cost of their medical bills and even some of their lost wages. This is going to help make sure that you are covered as well and that your employees are not going to sue you for costs.

This type of coverage is going to help make sure that you are able to keep your business running even when an employee is injured and is going to help give employees some peace of mind knowing that, if they are injured at work, they are going to be covered. Your commercial coverage for your employees is varied, and your insurance agent can help you determine what kind of insurance you need and how much coverage you need overall to help protect your employees. In general, you are going to need more employee coverage the more employees that you have.

For those in the Salt Lake City or South Jordan, UT area, the agents with Mountain West Insurance Inc. can help you find the perfect insurance coverage.

Adding an Additional Vehicle To Your Policy

Auto insurance providers in South Jordan, UT, like most businesses, cater to repeat customers. Consumers who have more than one vehicle to cover often times get preferential treatment in adding another vehicle to an existing policy. Part of the reason is the fact that the customer is already known to the provider. They represent a known risk and the payment information is already confirmed. Customers with a longer account history tend to realize this advantage the most with an insurer.

Additionally, many South Jordan, UT insurers advertise additional benefits and discounts if a customer has multiple vehicles. The most common tend to be a second car or a boat. Some providers will offer coverage for motorcycles and scooters or recreational vehicles as well but not all. Two-wheel vehicles tend to be seen naturally as a higher risk to insure, with a higher likelihood of a claim, so some providers stick with bigger vehicles that don’t crash as much statistically.

The first thing to do is simply call your insurer and ask. If the provider is willing to take a second vehicle, then see if there are any benefits or discounts applied when insuring a second or third vehicle as these are often available but on request only. Finally, consider working with an insurance office that can span the entire market versus just one provider, such as Mountain West Insurance Inc. A broader review can find the right coverage mix, especially if you have a vehicle type not always favored by every provider. Call Mountain West Insurance Inc. today or drop us an email to find out more.

Protective Gear for Motorcycle Drivers

When it comes to riding motorcycles, there are several safety tips you need to keep in mind. For starters, whether it’s the law or not, you should always wear a helmet. If you were to be involved in an accident, the only thing protecting your head from the hard pavement is a helmet, and you’ll be very thankful for it in the event you were to wreck. You should also make sure any passengers you are transporting are wearing helmets as well. Here at Mountain West Insurance Inc., serving the South Jordan, UT area, we’ve put together a short guide you can reference to ensure you are wearing the right protective gear when riding motorcycles. 


Come winter time, you’ll want a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. You could even consider buying heated hand grips. During the summertime, you might not want to wear gloves because you think your hands will sweat, but it’s still good to wear them because they provide a better grip on the handlebars and protect your hands. 

Layers of Clothes

Once again, once winter rolls around, you’ll be all up for layering your clothes and keeping yourself warm when riding. Come summertime, though, it can be tempting to peel off the layers in an attempt to keep yourself cool. The truth is, though, you need layers during the summertime just as much as you do in the winter. Just like a helmet protecting your head, layers of clothes are the only thing protecting your body from the pavement if you were to be in an accident. 

Want to learn more about staying safe when riding a motorcycle? Contact Mountain West Insurance Inc. serving the South Jordan, UT area. 

Year Round Information About Your Boating Life And The Insurance You Need To Protect It

It’s A Wonderful Life

The agents at Mountain West Insurance Inc. in South Jordan, UT could not agree more. The boating life is the absolute best life for people who love the outdoors and want to get out there and live. The agents at Mountain West want to help you learn how boating can be a recreational activity that you can enjoy without worry. That’s where boaters insurance comes into play – literally.

Winters can be brutal in Utah, and though you may have enjoyed your beautiful boat all summer long, there comes a time to winterize. While insurance needs can change in the winter months, your boat insurance coverage should never cease. During the winter months, you want to protect against theft of your boat or damage to your boat if it is docked. The bottom line is that boaters insurance is necessary year round. Some boaters use their vessels throughout all four seasons for professional or even personal reasons. It all depends on the needs of the individual. 

Boating in the spring and fall seasons are equally up to individual taste, lifestyle, and professional preferences. It all starts with a conversation with a mountain west agent. This automatically takes the guesswork out of what will be sufficient coverage for your boating life. 

Being properly insured is your best route to continuing the wonderful boating lifestyle you’ve chosen. Come in today to speak with the weathered and seasoned professionals at Mountain West insurance Inc. If you are located in South Jordan, UT or the nearby surrounding areas, you can benefit from learning how your boat can be protected year around without having to guess what the requirements are. The staff there will let you know exactly how to keep your boat insured effectively and efficiently. 


What Does Umbrella Insurance Actually Do?

You probably see ads all the time that mention umbrella insurance, but it never explains what it does. The folks at Mountain West Insurance Inc. are here to answer any questions you might have about this popular and affordable insurance and how it can protect your way of life, whether you are at home in South Jordan, UT or traveling the world.

Provides Additional Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is included in most auto and home insurance policies, but it generally has a maximum limit anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on your coverage. For a very low cost, an umbrella insurance policy can extend that liability coverage up to a million dollars or more.

Think about it. If the worst thing happens and a person is severely injured in an accident and you are found at fault, it is very possible that your regular home or auto insurance will not cover all their medical and living expenses. You can be left on the hook for many thousands of dollars.

Protects Your Nest Egg and Home

As life goes by, you work hard to build up retirement savings, pay off your home, and enjoy a nice car or even a boat. What would you have to give up should you be faced with monumental costs related to an accident? Umbrella insurance helps you make sure the kids will still go to college, and you can retire with ease even when life hands you lemons.

If you would like to learn more about umbrella insurance provided by Mountain West Insurance Inc., please give our agents a call and schedule your personalized appointment today. South Jordan, UT is such a beautiful place to live. Our umbrella insurance can help you enjoy it for many more years to come.



What to do After a Storm

Whether your home in South Jordan, UT is considered to be in a flood zone or not, it is essential to keep in mind that flooding can happen anywhere, especially during and after a heavy storm. If your home has fallen victim to flooding from a heavy storm, it is important to keep in mind that for your safety, there is a process of cleaning up after a storm. If you have been evacuated, do not return until it is safe to do so. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will make the cleanup/restoration process much smoother.

Document all Damage

Before you make any repairs, make sure to document all of the damages that were done to the property. This includes the exterior and interior structure as well as personal belongings. If the water was significantly high, remember to check the electrical and plumbing systems as well. Take video and/or photographs of all damages and all of your personal content that was affected.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you can safely return to your home, one of the first things to do is contact the insurance company that you have flood insurance with to file a claim for the damages. When you contact the insurance company, they will generally schedule a time for an adjuster to visit the property and evaluate the issues. Be prepared to show the adjuster your photos and video.

Water damage can continue to cause problems the longer it remains unrepaired. After making your insurance claim, it is essential that repairs, even if they are temporary, are done to prevent additional problems. For example, if the roof is compromised, cover it with a tarp to reduce the risk of further water damage to the structure of your home. When doing permanent repairs, take precautions to prevent the risk of future damages.

Residents of South Jordan, UT interested in learning more about flood insurance or upgrading their current policy should contact Mountain West Insurance Inc.


Do You Need Insurance if You Rent Out Your Condo?

Your condo in Salt Lake City, UT is your investment, and you have to keep the inside protected. However, if you’re renting your place to someone else, you might wonder if you need insurance, especially if your tenant has insurance. Mountain West Insurance Inc. has the answer. 

Know if You Can Rent Your Condo

You can rent most condos, but your homeowner’s association might have rules, so make sure you inquire before renting out your condo. Keep in mind, you might need board approval, and you may have a cap on the amount you can make on your condo. It’s possible you’ll have to adhere to certain rules. 

Why You Want Your Own Insurance

The homeowner’s association may require you to have an insurance policy. You also want to have one in case your tenant drops their insurance, and because your tenant’s policy isn’t going to protect your assets since it’s a renter’s policy. You must update your coverage though to include landlord liability. You’re able to keep your same coverage, though. 

Keep in mind, if something should happen to your tenant in your condo, he or she has the right to sue you. However, if you have insurance on your condo, it protects you and your assets from a lawsuit. 

If you have personal furnishings in your unit while you’re renting it out, you want to insure them in the event of an emergency or if your tenant should happen to ruin one of them. An agent can educate you on the best course of action for acquiring insurance for a condo you’re renting out. 

To learn more about insuring your rental unit or to acquire a quote, contact Mountain West Insurance Inc., serving Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas, by calling 801-676-9769. 

Healthy Habits for You to Embrace

Being in excellent health through healthy habits is a goal many of us have. And that’s great, as many benefits come from being healthier, including having more energy and being able to stay active. Another plus is that healthy habits decrease the need for health care like doctor visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.

Here are some habits to embrace, courtesy of Mountain West Insurance Inc. serving the Salt Lake City and South Jordan, UT area.

High-Nutrient Diet

Fill your plate with nutritious food at each meal. That includes quality protein, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Raw nuts and seeds are also beneficial. Preferably eat organic food in its whole, fresh state.


Water is essential for life, and humans need to stay hydrated by drinking enough pure water. To figure out how much water you should drink daily, divide your weight by two. That is the number of ounces of water you should drink per day. 


To stay healthy, you need to move rather than being sedentary and sitting too much. Incorporate lots of healthy movement and exercise, such as brisk walks, stretching, pilates, and sports. Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Adequate Sleep

When you don’t sleep enough, your health suffers. Adults need an average of 8 hours of sleep per night, so aim for that. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time each day, and keep your bedroom dark and quiet to get quality sleep.

Stress Management

Stress can wreak havoc on your health. Although you can’t eliminate all stress, you can manage it through techniques like deep breathing, hobbies, and laughter.

Include these healthy habits each day, and see how your health flourishes. To get more information about health insurance, please contact Mountain West Insurance Inc. serving the Salt Lake City and South Jordan, UT area. Our agents can help you pick the policy that works for your situation.

Is Life Insurance Always Necessary?

If you live in the Salt Lake City or South Jordan, UT area and have questions concerning different types of life insurance, you need to talk to a reputable agent. The agents of Mountain West Insurance Inc. can answer many of the questions you may have. We can go into detail about the benefits of each type of policy and what type of policy would suit your individual needs. Every person is different, so no two circumstances will call for the exact same type of policy.

What Are the Benefits of Having Life Insurance?

The main benefits of a life insurance policy are to cover your final expenses and support your family if you are no longer around to care for their needs. Many young parents take out life insurance policies to ensure that their children will be able to live the same lifestyle if something should happen to them. The amount of the policy they choose will depend on their annual income and what their expenses are.

Term or Whole/Permanent?

Term life offers more options than a whole life or permanent policy. You can choose the length of your term policy as well as many other aspects of your coverage, while a whole policy is meant to remain in place until you pass and the policy is to be cashed in.

The agents of Mountain West Insurance Inc. serve the entire Salt Lake City and South Jordan, UT area, as well as many of the surrounding communities. The details of most types of life insurance policies can be quite confusing. If you have questions about the type of policy you need or the amount of coverage, call and schedule a consultation today!